Aboyne Games Storage Shed

Managed by: Aboyne Highland Games


Project Description

Aboyne Highland Games (AHG) is a community based charity which has the sole purpose of organising and executing the annual one day Aboyne Highland Games which has been in existence since 1867.   AHG objectives are to keep alive the activities of the traditional highland games and to make them relevant to the spectators of today.  The games are organised and delivered by a team of volunteers from within the local community. 

The project aimed to construct a new storage shed for equipment used at the annual Aboyne Highland Games such as seating and fencing etc.  With the new building being located centrally in Aboyne, an increase in efficiency for preparing for the event is expected.  It is proposed that other local user groups will also make use of the new facility as a storage unit. 

This project has a strong community focus in that the Aboyne Games are a key driver in the local economy in the run up to, during and after the games.  An improvement in sports provision and promotion of remote rural business development is expected as an outcome of this new storage venture.


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Ian Rigby


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