Local Action Group (LAG) and Project Assessment Committee (PAC)

The Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER programme 2008-2014 is now closed
Please visit www.local-development.eu for details of the new programme.

The role of the Rural Aberdeenshire LAG is to deliver the LAG Strategy through projects and actions. The LAG Strategy is located in the Document Library.

The Rural Aberdeenshire LAG members represent a wide range of rural interests, comprising an equal measure of public and private sector representatives.

While the day to day management of LEADER is undertaken by the LEADER Co-ordinator, Project Officer and Administrator, the LAG meets on a regular basis to consider applications. Details of the LAG timetable are located in the Application section of the website. Approved minutes of the LAG meetings are located on the website.

A sub-group of the LAG, the Project Assessment Committee (PAC), asseses all the applications in full, reporting and making recommendations to the LAG.

The PAC includes representatives comprising the Lead Partner, Environment, Land Based, Community and Business interests.

In conjunction with LAG members the Eu Rural & Fisheries Programmes Team Leader, Project Officer and EU Rural & Fisheries Assistant promote and raise awareness of the LEADER Programme. Details of promotional events are located in the News and Events section.