How SRDP Relates to LEADER

The Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER programme 2008-2014 is now closed
Please visit for details of the new programme.

Within the SRDP, Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities is an integrated funding mechanism which will deliver targeted environmental, social and economic benefits. It is a competitive mechanism to ensure that contracts are awarded for proposals which are best able to deliver the rural priorities.

Applications towards Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities will come from a wide range of participants including land managers, rural businesses and rural community groups.

The applications process for RDCs is a two stage approach, firstly submitting a Statement of Intent (SoI) and if appropriate, followed by a full application which will be considered by the Regional Proposal Assessment Committees (RPAC). This differs from the LEADER delivery process which is managed and administered by the Local Action Group.

Details of the Regional Priorities and the application process are explained on the Scottish Government Website