Forgue Kirk and its Past and Present

Managed by:

Friends of Forgue Kirk


Project Description

The projects relates to the refurbishment of the B listed Forgue Kirk building which is now owned by the community group ‘Friends of Forgue Kirk’ for the benefit of the local community.  The building, designed by Archibald Simpson, was constructed in 1819 and has been utilised as a community resource for the past 15 years.

The project consists of two elements, the first being internal works and refurbishment of the building and the second element is the creation of a local heritage centre within the building where volunteers from the local community will capture social history and photographs of the Forgue community, once a busy thriving farming community.  Local school pupils will be involved through an after schools club, enabling younger members of the community to learn about their cultural heritage.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Dr Eleanor Anderson, Chair of Friends of Forgue Kirk, said:

“The LEADER grant will allow work to proceed on restoring Forgue Kirk.  This will provide a very special legacy for the people of Forgue, for those who have family connections with the building and for anyone with an interesting architecture, local history and music.

However this project is not just about a building and its past, it is also about people in the present working together, young and old, long-time resident and newcomer, contributing their skills and acquiring new skills to establish a local and family history centre in the Session House.

The LEADER staff have given an enormous amount of support and advice on the preparation of the project and we have every confidence that this will continue during the project.”


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Eleanor Anderson


01464 871329