GTM Energy Efficient Lighting System

Managed by: Grampian Transport Museum Trust


Project Description

The GTM Trust acts as a focal point for interest in land travel and transport history.  It considers the past, present and future through exhibitions and events.  The museum collects, conserves and promotes public access to artefacts, objects and archives along with providing educational services.

The project proposes to equip the museum with a high energy efficient system of houselights and flexible exhibition lighting, facilitated by advances in low energy lighting technology, eliminating 95% of natural light; thus preserving the artefacts as is recommended for museum objects and reducing running costs. 

Steps have been taken by the Trust to improve collection care and customer comfort; these have included gaining control of the environment in the building in terms of excluding UV light, controlling heat and humidity, adding wall insulation and draft exclusion and adding 8” of insulation along with a new outer roof skin over the entire structure.  These adaptions will continue to meet and exceed visitors’ expectations and will maintain and potentially increase visitor numbers.  The effective lighting will allow GTM to engage in some new exhibition and activity areas that have been previously not practical; for example open display archaeological small finds or original artworks that need close control of light.


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Mike Ward


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