Imbewu Scotland - Growing Natural Leaders (Phase 1)

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Wilderness Foundation UK


Project Description

The Wilderness Foundation (WF) will run a series of developmental training activities.  The project will be run in 2013 involving 24 young people (15-18 years of age) in Aberdeenshire. The project aims to encourage young people to connect with nature and develop an interest in the countryside. Also to develop skills and confidence to enable employment options and create opportunities for Further Education/ Modern Apprenticeships/work experience in the rural sector; to connect young people from urban and town environments with rural stakeholders and employers; to gain rural industry work experience and learn about estate and land management while fostering a stewardship ethic for Scotland’s natural heritage.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Jo Roberts, CEO, Wilderness Foundation said:

"Receiving Aberdeenshire LEADER funding has been a crucial building block for the Wilderness Foundation Scotland and Scottish Land and Estates in taking Imbewu into rural areas deep in Aberdeenshire and linking young people from a range of backgrounds to the work of estates, and the potential myriad opportunities for work and life in the rural sector.  The meaning of Imbewu is ‘seed’ and we see this opportunity of the start to grow natural leadership and rural workers amongst young people. Alongside the practical, work related outcomes, the project will focus on intergenerational learning and developing connections to nature and people who are outside of everyday experience. Taking part in wilderness journeys will also have a personal development outcome for our young people which not only creates a love of countryside and a deeper understanding of what it offers, but grows leadership and social skills which are gifts for life. We are immensely grateful to LEADER to enable us to carry out this work and help develop the potential of the magnificent rural areas of Aberdeenshire."


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£ 12,749

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Jo Roberts


01245 443073