Johnshaven Fish Festival

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Johnshaven Fish Festival Management Group


Project Description

The project will contribute towards delivery of the Johnshaven Fish Festival which takes place on Saturday, 8 August 2009.  The festival promotes a wide variety of arts, crafts, sea food, music and family entertainment.  The Management Group aims to promote, manage and sustain the annual Fish Festival.  Income generated will be returned to the Johnshaven community and other local charities.  The event attracts large numbers of locals and visitors to the area and an additional contribution will be made for the applicants to provide a shuttle bus to transport visitors to Johnshaven Harbour.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Kevin Dunbar, Johnshaven Fish Festival Management Group

Johnshaven Fish Festival Management Group is a gathering of people from the local community who got together in 2007 to oversee the running of the annual Fish Festival.  All profit from the Fish Festival is gifted back into the community to benefit various local organisations and sports groups.  The Committee are all thoroughly delighted to have secured LEADER funding for our event this year as this now means the lower our running costs are, the more funds we have to distribute to help boost the community groups.

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July 2009 - Promotional Event at Johnshaven Harbour


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Allen Smith


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