Junior Driving School

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Grampian Transport Museum Ltd


Project Description

The project is to build a miniature driving circuit at the Grampian Transport Museum, simulating a real road situation complete with all appropriate basic signage, junctions and road markings.  Eight electric vehicles, complete with safety regulators will be purchased.  The project is aimed at youngsters aged 3-11 and will instil basic road safety knowledge and skills.

The concept of the Junior Driving School will be a first for the North East of Scotland and will bring a completely unique visitor attraction to the area.  The proposals will offer an additional attraction at an already popular visitor centre encouraging additional visitors and tourists. 


Quote from Participating Organisation

Mike Ward, Curator of Grampian Transport Museum, said:

“The Trustees of the Grampian Transport Museum are greatly encouraged to have been awarded  LEADER funding for the innovative Junior Driving School project.  The new 'learn through play' facility is designed to give young children their first insights into the rules of the road and will help to develop a sense of road safety in a dynamic and fun way. It will add greatly to the appeal of the museum to young families and will be the first step in the museum's wider road safety initiative. All involved are looking forward to offering the facility from the Spring of 2013.

The Grampian Transport Museum is an independent charitable trust museum that is 95% self financing in revenue terms but when it comes to capital projects financial assistance is invariably needed.  This project is no exception and fundraising commenced about three years ago with the proceeds from the museum's arena concerts being entirely dedicated to the Junior Driving School. The award of LEADER funding has made the project possible and will help to broaden the appeal of the museum whilst providing a valuable local facility."


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Mike Ward


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