Kinmuck Community Broadband Extension Project

Managed by:

Caleycom Ltd


Project Description

The project will continue the highly innovative pilot programme to provide a next generation broadband service to rural Aberdeenshire.  Kinmuck, near Inverurie, had previously relied on little or no broadband provision with speeds of less than 500kbps.  The pilot project (funded by LEADER in 2011 and managed by Caleycom Ltd) has now achieved speeds of up to 10Mbps for residents of Kinmuck by broadcasting a signal wirelessly from Aberdeen to a small receiver in the village.  The new project will continue the pioneering achievements and further increase the speed to 20Mbps.  It is anticipated that once the success of the pilot is confirmed, the method could be rolled out across rural Aberdeenshire and further afield.    


Quote from Participating Organisation


Simon James, Managing Director, Caleycom Ltd, said:

“Caleycom is extremely grateful to have been awarded assistance from Aberdeenshire LEADER for the Kinmuck Community Broadband Extension Project (KCBXP).  This funding represents a significant proportion of the funds required to roll out next generation high speed internet access (speeds of 20 Mb/sec or greater) to Kinmuck and the surrounding area.

“Next Generation wireless internet access will deliver many very tangible benefits to the community, utilising proven and new technologies to deliver broadband services. This funding to increase the speed of internet access for the project is a major step forward shall help support a more sustainable future for the community.  This project would simply not be possible without continuing LEADER support.”


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Simon James


01224 798933