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Daviot Village Hall


Project Description

Daviot Hall is an ageing, outdated but well used hall situated in the small rural village of Daviot.  After plans to renovate proved prohibitively expensive, the committee decided that the best course of action was to replace it with a new building on the site of the present car park.

The replacement building will be an energy efficient, purpose built facility.  It will far better suit the needs of the Daviot community and will include modern kitchen and toilet facilities, extra storage space for user groups and a larger main hall.  Heating will be provided through an innovative renewable air source system and maximum insulation will ensure reduced energy consumption.

The committee have worked very closely with the community to secure its support and have organised numerous fundraising events over a number of years. It is currently running a ‘buy-a-brick’ scheme which is encouraging local residents to have their name engraved on a brick in return for a donation to the project.  


Quote from Participating Organisation

Diane Scott, Secretary, Daviot Village Hall:

“Daviot Village Hall Committee is thrilled to receive a grant of £97,700 from LEADER. We have been trying to build a new hall for almost ten years and LEADER’s support will finally make this achievable.

“Daviot is a small rural village and the hall is at the heart of our community. The LEADER grant will ensure that Daviot will have a modern facility for recreational, educational, social and sporting activities which will contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community now and in the future.”


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Diane Scott


01467 671699