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Huntly Development Trust


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The project will enable a group of delegates from Huntly to travel to Juankoski in Finland to discuss the potential for collaborative projects.  Both regions are already working individually on a number of rural community projects.  The Linden Centre and Huntly Nordic Ski Club are interested in participating in a future transnational project.  The visit will enable discussions to take place to determine which local projects could be delivered in collaboration with the Finns.  A report will be provided following the learning journey outlining the opportunities that have arisen from visit.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Donald Boyd, Development Manager, Huntly Development Trust

Huntly Development Trust is delighted to receive the support of LEADER funds to help us take a small community delegation to the town of Juankoski in Finland.  We were happy to host a group from there in January of this year when both parties identified opportunities to build on.  The purpose of our current trip is to learn how the Finns approach rural development, get to know their community and examine the potential for future transnational collaboration.  Ideally we will be able to set up further longer term projects to bring lasting benefit to both our communities.  We will be happy to share our findings widely in the Aberdeenshire LEADER area as without the support of LEADER this trip would not have happened.


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Donald Boyd


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