Gallows Hill Community Pavilion, Newburgh

Managed by:

Foveran Community Council


Project Description

The project involves the construction of a new community changing room facility in Newburgh.  The building will be situated between an existing modern full size football pitch and existing multi-purpose courts and will serve both facilities. The project also comprises landscaping and car parking which will improve access to both of the existing pitches. 

The pavilion will house home/away and referee changing rooms with showers; male, female and disabled toilets, galley kitchen and two community/meeting rooms.  The community rooms will be used for educational and recreational purposes and will be available for public use.   

Much of the work will be self-built by members of the community and the community council is working in partnership with a number of local stakeholders including the football club. Solar panels and a rainwater collection tank will be installed to maximise energy efficiency.        


Quote from Participating Organisation

Duncan Milne, Secretary, Foveran Community Council:

“The generous support of the LEADER programme has provided the foundation of a building programme which will give the people a proper centre with changing rooms and a classroom/meeting room which will service the football pitch and the court and provide a vital stimulus in leisure activity and in the creation of clubs and groups where none existed before.

“A major deficiency in Newburgh and the surrounding district has been the total lack of proper community leisure and recreational facilities. A piecemeal approach in the past had left the community with a football pitch and a multi-purpose, all-weather court at a site on the natural arena of Gallowshill but with limited access and no changing rooms.

“Without LEADER support, none of this would have been possible.”


Financial Breakdown


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Contact Details


Duncan Milne


01358 789847