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Longside Community Hall Improvement Project


Project Description

Longside Hall is run by the local Church of Scotland parish as a community facility for the village of Longside and its hinterland.  The hall is well used and enjoyed by many members of the local community but has problems with internal layout, storage space and energy efficiency. 

The project will see the delivery of a programme of works to upgrade and improve facilities within the hall to improve its accessibility to users, whilst improving its energy efficiency.  This will be achieved by installation of double glazing and new doors throughout the building; internal refitting to create an open and welcoming entrance hall; insulating wall space to reduce heat loss; a small extension to provide a storage room; and the improvement of toilet facilities.   

The project has been developed in close consultation with the community to ensure that it will directly benefit the community.  The improvements made will increase the use and sustainability of a facility in an area which is experiencing above average population growth.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Bill Sarson, Longside Parish Church Congregational Board:

“The Congregational Board of Longside Parish Church would like to accord a big thank you to LEADER for the recent generous award in Round 13.  As more than a quarter of the total cost of our planned hall refurbishment, it undoubtedly makes the difference between the project going ahead or not.  The LEADER grant will help bring our facilities up to modern standards of heating and insulation.

“The advice provided by the Aberdeenshire LEADER team to help improve our application was invaluable and all contacts with the organisation have been friendly and efficient.”


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Irene Birkett


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