P.O.R.T. Scoping Study

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Scottish Traditional Boat Festival


Project Description

Scottish Traditional Boat Festival has an overall aim to establish a permanent training centre by undertaking capital works to restore a derelict building at the harbour side in Portsoy.  Once this building –a prominent former boat shed- has been restored it can then be used for delivery of a range of training activities, primarily focused on traditional skills for young adults and children.  This would be operated as a social enterprise and be self sustainable.  In order to realise this aim there needs to be initial scoping study undertaken to determine the likely costs, sustainability and a business plan for the proposal.

The first scoping study would see a consultant employed to provide a costed design brief with planning advice and professional surveys for the development of the building.  This study would lead to the undertaking of a future capital project.

The second scoping study would see a consultant employed to undertake a range of community activities to determine the value of the proposed future project in terms of economic and social sustainability.  This study would also look to identify potential revenue sources for such a project, and develop a five year business plan based on a commercially viable curriculum.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Jane Cotton,  Project Support Worker, Scottish Traditional Boat Festival:

“Scottish Traditional Boat Festival is delighted to receive LEADER funding to continue the development of their exciting new project – the Portsoy Organisation for Restoration and Training or PORT. 

“PORT will be restoring an old maritime building in the heart of the harbour area of Portsoy.  This will become a residential training centre for young people to learn traditional maritime skills like boat building.  The funding will be spent on undertaking all the essential planning and costings work and on involving the wider community in the project.”


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