Logie Coldstone 'A Stage for the Future'

Managed by: Logie Coldstone Trust


Project Description

Logie Coldstone Trust which has been in place since 2007 has managed Logie Coldstone hall for many years and has overseen a significant level of research into future plans for the hall.   The outcome for this project is to create a financially and environmentally sustainable central focus for the village.

The Trust are nearing the end of a very successful renovation of the main granite building of Logie Coldstone Hall which will be hugely enhanced by having a flexible and portable stage along with new drapes.  The flexible and portable modular stage will maximise the potential use of the main hall, whether set up as a stage, or dismantled to allow full use of the main hall for sporting, commercial and other such uses (which benefit from having the whole floor space).  The improvements made will increase the future use and sustainability of the facility.

The local community has already been heavily involved in contributing to the earlier 'new lease of life' renovation project, both in raising funds and giving of their time; to manage the project and volunteer tasks such as landscaping, sanding floors and  making curtains, proving that the hall is a much respected and vital meeting place for the community.


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Anne Mathers


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