Lonmay Hall Modernisation Project

Managed by:

Lonmay Public Hall Trust


Project Description

The project is to carry out a series of modest modernisation improvements at the public Hall in Lonmay to make it a more attractive and more accessible facility for the local community.  The Hall is no longer fit for purpose and feedback from user groups has indicated that a modernisation programme is necessary to improve the Hall to the standards required for community activities.

Proposed works include the installation of disabled toilet facilities, access ramps to the front doors, new double glazing, replacement of the heating system, new flooring and lightweight folding tables and chairs.  The existing kitchen will be upgraded to enable users to provide catering within the Hall.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Lindsay Elphinstone, Secretary and Treasurer of Lonmay Public Hall Trust, said:

“Lonmay Public Hall Trust is extremely pleased to have been successful in its application for LEADER funding.  The award of this grant will allow the Trust to carry out important work to Lonmay Public Hall, the outcome of which will be a more accessible, energy-efficient and modern community facility.  The Trust is grateful to LEADER for its support and for recognising the merit of the project and the benefits it will bring to the community.”


Financial Breakdown


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Contact Details


Lindsay Elphinstone


01346 531037