Phase 2 - Revival of Methlick Play Park

Managed by:

Methlick Play Park Group


Project Description

This project will deliver Phase 2 of a programme which will install new pieces of play park equipment at the existing play park area in Methlick.  Phase 1 relates to a football pitch which has already been completed.  The Phase 2 installation of modern equipment will make the park an attractive area for children and families, supporting social cohesion in an area which is growing in population.  The play park is designed to reflect the community, both in terms of the play area and layout, with local services being represented through play park equipment.  The project has been community led, with consultation and engagement showing a high level of support for the project to be delivered.


Quote from Participating Organisation

James Hall, of Methlick Play Park, said:

"The LEADER grant means a huge amount to our local Methlick community and now puts us on target to start building in April 2013.  The timing is also perfect as we had a village Christmas disco for children of all ages and raised a further £600.  The reaction to confirmation of LEADER funding from across the community is very humbling and further cements why we are undertaking this project. The perfect Christmas cheer for the village."


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James Hall


07770 470032