Portsoy Salmon Bothy

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Scottish Traditional Boat Festival


Project Description

The application relates to the employment of a Manager for the Salmon Bothy, a listed building which was restored in 2008.  The new community asset will be promoted as a local community facility, genealogy centre and visitor attraction.  The cultural part of the project is strong with an emphasis on fishing heritage and tourism on the Banffshire Coast.  The Manager will be responsible for running the facility, training volunteers and marketing and promoting the facility.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Robin Maddock, Director, Scottish Traditional Boat Festival:

“The Portsoy Salmon Bothy, which is owned and run by the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, was fully restored during 2008 and opened its doors to the public in November. The building houses a genealogical research centre, where people can delve into their family roots and an open space called “Upstairs at the Bothy”. This area can be used for business meetings, recitals, art and craft displays, tutorials etc. There is also a museum which is almost complete, showcasing the industrial history of Portsoy and the Scottish salmon net fishing industry which was very important to this part of the country.

Securing LEADER funding allows us to purchase presentation equipment for use in the building, provide external signage and seating and pay 50% of the bothy manager’s salary for the first 3 years of operations. The appointment of a manager will allow us to professionally promote and market the buildings facilities and optimise the use of this wonderful building. The opening of this building will also bring additional tourist revenue to Portsoy and the surrounding area.”

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LEADER Funding Contributes to Employment of Manager for Portsoy Salmon Bothy


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Roger Goodyear


01261 842894