Fuel Management

Managed by:

Ringlink (Scotland) Ltd


Project Description

The project aims to provide a cost effective solution for fuel delivery to farms, rural businesses and households in Aberdeenshire in terms of fuel efficiency and continuity of supply of heating oil and machinery fuel.

The innovative project will install fuel tank monitoring equipment in liquid fuel tanks of all participating members.  Results will be relayed to Ringlink using GSM mobile signals.  Fuel consumption will be monitored and analysed.  Software will enable staff to manage fuel purchase and distribution and, through bulk purchasing, will ensure efficient delivery and best available price for participants.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Graham Bruce, Managing Director of Ringlink Scotland, said:

“Ringlink Scotland is delighted to have been awarded LEADER Funding towards the implementation of a fuel monitoring and supply service.  We are firmly of the belief that this will have significant benefits to our members through effective analysis of fuel demand and subsequently a far more efficient delivery mechanism.  At a time of intense financial pressure this is a welcome opportunity to offer a cost effective solution to fuel management both in the short and long term."


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Contact Details


George Bruce


01561 377790