Rothienorman Bowling & Community Facility

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Rothienorman Community Bowling Club


Project Description

Rothienorman is an expanding settlement and the project is to construct a new building to create a community resource for use by the Rothienorman Community Bowling Club and a wide range of other local groups.  There is clear evidence of community support.  Rental income from other user groups and private hire will cover running costs to make the project sustainable.  The applicants have chosen to install a biomass heating system in the new facility.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Sam Adam, Grant Co-ordinator, Rothienorman Community Bowling Club:

"The award of LEADER funding to our project is one the most significant events in the club’s history in that it will provide a substantial proportion of the total capital cost required to replace an ageing pre fabricated building, long since past its design life, with a new and modern facility. 

The hopes and aspirations of the management committee have, after many years, been realised with this award which provides a real opportunity to strengthen and enhance the lifestyle and social aspects of the growing community of Rothienorman. 

This project will give local sporting and social groups a home for the future and will provide a centre where both existing and potential activity groups can develop and grow.

It is welcomed with enormous gratitude by all those involved in and associated with the new building project and we look forward with great enthusiasm and pride to its construction in the New Year. 

The application for financial assistance through the Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER Programme was a major element of the total funding package required for this project.

We believe that this award, along with matched funding from other public sources and from private contributions, takes our project from a dream to a reality. 

This construction project could not have become such a reality without the assistance of the LEADER Programme and its advisors who have assisted the project’s committee throughout the planning and preparation stages. 

This project now moves forward on a sound financial base, sure in the knowledge that it has sufficient capital to complete the building on schedule and on budget in early 2010."


Financial Breakdown


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Sam Adam


01464 871206