Sandhaven & Pitulie Community Hall Development Phase

Managed by:

North East Scotland Preservation Trust


Project Description

The project will bring forward plans for the total refurbishment and extension of Sandhaven and Pitullie Community Hall.  A consultant will be employed to make funding applications and engage with the community whilst architects will draw up detailed plans and secure planning permission.  

The project will follow on from a feasibility study undertaken in 2011 which identified the opportunities and priorities in the community facility. A multi-disciplinary team engaged with the local community and devised a plan which would bring the building into the 21st century with a new improved purpose as a community hub. 

This latest project will take these plans to the capital stage.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Paul Higson, Project Manager, NESPT, said:

“The North East Scotland Preservation Trust is grateful for the award of Aberdeenshire LEADER funding. The Trust is working closely with the Sandhaven and Pitullie Hall Committee to prepare plans to upgrade and improve the Hall. This grant will allow the design of the new Hall to be fully developed and planning permission for the works secured.”


Financial Breakdown


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Contact Details


Paul Higson


01569 768289