St Combs

Managed by:

St Combs Playing Fields & Community Hall Association


Project Description

The project relates to the rebuild of St Combs Hall.  Managed by St Combs Playing Fields & Community Hall Association the rebuild will enable a modern and sustainable facility that will meet the local and nearby communities current and future needs.

The committee see the “New Start” project as an opportunity to not only rebuild the facility, but to incorporate features that will meet the demand of current and future user groups. The project will enable the hall to be a modern, energy efficient and multi purpose building. The main features of the project are complete rebuild the hall incorporating: a function suite, community meeting rooms, office, storage facilities, a functional kitchen and sports unit containing showering and changing rooms.  All will have necessary facilities for disabled users.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Shirley Duthie, Secretary of St Combs Hall said:

"The St Combs Community Hall Committee are absolutely delighted to have secured a sizeable grant from LEADER. This level of funding will not only allow acceleration of our project but will improve the quality of the replacement community hall, allow us to provide better amenities and breathe life back into a community which were left devastated by the loss of the former facility. We are grateful to LEADER for their support and for recognising the importance of our project and which it will mean to the village and surrounding areas. We are hopeful that the project will commence early 2013."


Financial Breakdown


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Contact Details


Shirley Duthie


07963 513970