Sustaining Huntly

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Huntly Development Trust


Project Description

The Aberdeenshire Towns Partnership (ATP) programme made significant inroads into revitalising and refocusing Huntly.  Following community consultation, Huntly Development Trust (HDT) was formed as the successor to ATP.  HDT are poised to deliver an ambitions two-year programme to bring forward improvements to Huntly and the surrounding district. 

The project is to undertake feasibility studies and implement projects in and around Huntly over a two year structured programme of innovative, sustainable development with the creation of two new full-time and one part-time post.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Donald Boyd, Consultant to Huntly Development Trust

“Huntly Development Trust is absolutely delighted to receive LEADER funding as the LEADER funds are a crucial part of our business plan for the organisation’s first few years.  HDT’s nature as community enterprise means that we must strike the balance between undertaking projects of community benefit on the one hand and moving towards financial independence on the other.  LEADER funds are a significant help to us as we get established.  In practical terms, part of the LEADER funding will enable us to engage a Project Leader for our programme of projects to improve the tourism on offer in Huntly and District.  The award of the LEADER funds also means a lot more to HDT than the money itself.  As a new organisation the funds represent a statement of confidence in HDT and what we stand for, as well as reflecting the track record of successful projects undertaken by the active community of Huntly over the last few years.  HDT is extremely grateful to the LAG partners for their support.”


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Donald Boyd