Walks of Life

Managed by:

Deveron Arts


Project Description

The project relates to the employment of a Project Manager for an 18 month period to develop a ‘walking institute’ for Huntly.  The institute will aim to promote Huntly as a walking destination and deliver a programme of cultural, social and artistic walking related elements through a series of events. 

The project will also cover temporary contracts for writers in residence and internships as well as the development of a website and the creation of a walking section within the Brander Library in Huntly.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Claudia Zeiske, Director of Deveron Arts, said:

“Deveron Arts is delighted about the decision made by the Aberdenshire LAG to award £30,000 to our Walks of Life project.  We are looking forward to embark on a walking programme that builds on the Room to Roam branding of Huntly.

The Walks of Life programme will bring together the universal act of walking with many other things, environmentally, physically, spiritually, artistically, alongside travel, exercise and recreation.”


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Contact Details


Claudia Zeiske


01466 794494