YesCommAct – Team Huntly

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Huntly Development Trust


Project Description

The “YesCommAct – Team Huntly” project will involve a range of Huntly based organisations working together and with organisations in Finland and Italy on a number of complimentary initiatives.  These include: development of rural skills eg: learning to build timber shelters the Finnish way, diverse music making and media activities, community gardening, considering historical and contemporary common heritage aspects & volunteering.  Huntly Development Trust will undertake a co-ordinating role for Team Huntly, organising training and travel and managing the project.

The project aims to develop and exchange skills between partner organisations and transnational communities.  The project anticipates individuals will become more employable, participating communities will have increased capacity and Aberdeenshire communities will become more attractive places to live and visit.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Donald Boyd, of Huntly Development Trust, said:

"Team Huntly' is very grateful to LEADER - and the other funding partners - for the support given to this project. The project involves Huntly Mental Health, Huntly Nordic Ski Club, Huntly Youth Forum, Aberdeenshire Council and Huntly Development Trust and will offer young people and others in the community the opportunity to develop and exchange skills in a way that quite

simply would be impossible without LEADER. We look forward to raising the profile of Huntly and District when Team Huntly members visit our transnational project partners and delivering project benefits on the ground here in the local area."


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Donald Boyd


01466 799416