Baden Powell Centre New Build

Managed by:

Turriff Baden Powell Centre Management SCIO


Project Description

This project will construct a new community facility for use by local organisations.  At present there is a shortage of community facilities for activities which are desired by community groups in the Turriff area.  The new facility will comprise of a large hall (200m2), 2 meeting rooms, a kitchen with equipment, stores, male and female WC and showers.  The meeting rooms will have projectors and internet connection to enable them for use by local businesses.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Roy Garden of Turrif Baden Powell said:

"The Committee of Turriff Baden Powell Centre Management is 'over the moon' and extremely grateful for the financial support provided by LEADER which forms crucial part of the overall funding equation for the project.  Without this support and that from other contributors the project on the scale envisaged would not have been possible.  The proposed facility will provide

much needed additional community space open to all groups/organisations locally and it is also intended to provide facilities for local businesses to utilise for possible training days/general meetings."


Financial Breakdown


Total Project Costs

£ 417,000

Total Eligible Costs

£ 417,000


Public Match Funding


Private Match Funding


In Kind Match Funding



£ 160,000

LEADER % on Eligible Costs



Contact Details


Roy Garden


01888 568789