Balmedie Leisure Centre Cafe & Provision of New Entrance


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Balmedie Leisure Centre Management Committee


Project Description

Balmedie Leisure Centre (BLC) is a community sports, education and leisure facility which provides a range of classes and recreational activities for local residents and visitors to the area.  The proposal relates to Phase 1 expansion of BLC through the construction of a café which will greatly improve customer facilities while also being available as a youth café at specific times, plus a new entrance area to BLC which will make the centre more welcoming and accessible.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Lee Scott, Balmedie Leisure Centre Project Coordinator, said:

The Centre is absolutely delighted to have secured this funding from LEADER.  This grant will enable the centre to not only put in place a much needed new front entrance but also create a real heart to the village by adding a modern and vibrant cafe which will be a focal point for everyone in our community.


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Lee Scott


01771 637420