ISDS Scottish National Trials 2013

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International Sheepdog Society (Aberdeenshire Branch)


Project Description

The Project will deliver a three day event of sheepdog trials in August 2013 on a farm near Kintore.  The event will target sheepdog triallists, but also be marketed as an event for the general public to demonstrate rural skills. 

Hosting a successful Scottish National Sheepdog Trial to select 15 dogs from 150 qualified dogs to represent Scotland at the International Sheepdog Trials. 

It will also select dogs to represent Scotland at the World ISD Trial to be held in Tain in 2014. 


Quote from Participating Organisation


Bob Ritchie, Chairman of ISDS Aberdeenshire Branch said:

"The Aberdeenshire branch of the International Sheepdog Society is delighted to have been awarded assistance from Aberdeenshire LEADER for the Scottish National Sheepdog Trials to be held in August 2013 in Kintore, Aberdeenshire.  The funds allocated will greatly assist the committee who are organising this prestigious event.  Sheepdog trials are now held worldwide.  The purpose of this year’s National Trial is to select a team to represent Scotland at the International Trials being held in England in September 2013 and also to select the handlers who will represent Scotland at the World Trails to be held in Scotland for the first time in 2014.  The assistance from LEADER will allow us to provide extra facilities and attractions for the general public to experience the spectacle of top dogs and their handlers competing in Aberdeenshire."


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Bob Ritchie