Glamourhaugh Allotments Creation

Managed by:

Huntly Rotary Club


Project Description

The project is to create an allotment site for the benefit of the Huntly Community, providing growing space, a summerhouse, storage shed and a composting toilet.  Sixteen plots will be created with two being set aside for local schools and community groups.  An all ability footpath with seating areas will surround the fenced allotment.  The allotment will also bring a social aspect to the Community as an area where people can meet and spend time.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Raye Marcus, Huntly Rotary Club

“The Rotary Club of Huntly is delighted to have been awarded a grant from the LEADER fund.  The £25,000 constitutes half of the cost of returning the unused site at Glamourhaugh Huntly to a community allotment and orchard.  At this time when there is an increased interest in producing and growing ones own food as close to home as possible, we feel that this will greatly benefit the groups and individuals who will take on the allotments.  We are particularly pleased that the schools and other groups are taking allotments as this will spread the benefit, and the laying of a proper footpath around the site will improve the use of the area by the general public.  Rotary has been active in Huntly for 55 years and our work to bring about this new community facility is our ‘green’ gift to the community.”


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Contact Details


Raye Marcus


01466 793247