Renovation of Hay Memorial Hall - Phase 2

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Cornhill Village Community Trust Ltd


Project Description


Hay Memorial Hall in Cornhill is an outstanding example of late Victorian public architecture.  It was paid for by William Hay, an émigré of the village who became wealthy in Australian sheep farming. Some of his descendants still manage the hall. 

Until recently the hall was in a rather sad state of repair and although well used the hall was becoming increasingly difficult to hold activities. In Phase 1 of the improvements the Trust secured a grant from People’s Millions to completely redecorate the interior, secondary glaze the stained glass windows and install an air source heating system. The LEADER grant will finance repointing of the exterior stonework, restoring the Victorian iron railings and replacing the timber floor.  


Quote from Participating Organisation


Maureen Hay, Chairperson of Cornhill Village Community Trust, said

We are delighted to secure funding from LEADER to complete the renovation of the Hay Memorial Hall. I approached LEADER in the hope of gaining more funding to begin Phase 2 of the renovations and was delighted to receive the letter intimating that we were successful.

We do a lot of fundraising ourselves regularly and once other funding is in place we will start Phase 2.  The Hay Memorial Hall is a beautiful Victorian building with amazing stained glass windows but is in desperate need of some TLC to return it to its former glory. It is the hub of the village and all local groups meet here to socialise.



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Maureen Hay


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