Royal Northern Countryside Live

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The Royal Northern Agricultural Society


Project Description


Countryside Live is a new, innovative event organised by the Royal Northern Agricultural Society which will showcase and promote all aspects of estate and farm management, including a wide range of displays and demonstrations held throughout the 2 days.

The event will be held at Dunecht Estate on Sunday 12th June 2011 as part of the Open Farm Sunday programme which includes events throughout the UK.  The following day will be an open day for primary school children, many from socially deprived areas, providing a chance to learn about the countryside.    


Quote from Participating Organisation


RNAS Director, Martin Birse, Chair of the organising committee

This is an ambitious project which will require considerable funding which the Society could not have contemplated without the benefit of support under the LEADER programme.  It has never been more important for the rural sector to foster a closer relationship and develop an understanding of farming and the countryside amongst the urban population, especially the younger generation, who are becoming increasingly detached from their rural roots with each passing generation.  The open day will highlight all aspects of country life, from farming and food production to wildlife and country sports, and will be to the ultimate benefit of all sectors of the industry who are giving their enthusiastic support for the event to raise the match funding required to qualify for LEADER support.


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Alison Argo


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