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Skill Force Scotland will deliver a programme which will expand skills and confidence whilst developing young people's understanding of their role in the community.

The courses will be run in partnership with three Aberdeenshire secondary schools (Banff, Turriff and The Gordon Schools in Huntly) and will be led by experienced ex-service personal. The programme will run over 2 years and will involve 150 14-19 year olds.  Other such projects in various parts of the UK have had highly positive results, enabling disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential.         


Quote from Participating Organisation


Dennis Murphy, Regional Director, Skill Force Scotland

Skill Force Scotland is an Educational Charity which uses the skills and experience of predominantly ex-service personnel to work with and support young people to increase their likelihood of achieving a positive destination post school.

Our vision is that we have ‘A future where every young person, whatever their background or ability, is given the chance to fulfil their true potential and become a valued member of their community.’  We do this by supporting positive and permanent change in young people’s lives; alongside providing knowledge skills, experiences and long term positive support we give them the self belief to aspire and achieve.  Without the LEADER funding it would have been impossible for us to extend this uniquely successful project to benefit young people in Aberdeenshire.

With the funding we will work in partnership with Turriff and Banff Academies as well as The Gordon Schools, Huntly.  I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the LEADER Group and people of Aberdeenshire for supporting us in supporting our young people and communities.


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