Laurencekirk Memorial Park Project - Phase 2

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Laurencekirk Play Park Group


Project Description

The project relates to the second phase of complete replacement and installation of modern health & safety compliant, innovative play equipment to regenerate the facilities at the Memorial Park in Laurencekirk.  There is wide community support for this project which will be of direct benefit to local schoolchildren.  The facility will also attract visitors from other communities which will bring added economic benefit.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Amy Stuart, Chairperson of Laurencekirk Play Park Group

The Laurencekirk Play Park Group is absolutely delighted to hear that the Memorial Park Project has been awarded LEADER funding. This award means that Phase 2 of the project, costing £48,260 in total, can commence in January 2010 and will see the installation of the final 5 pieces of play equipment in the Memorial Park, Laurencekirk. Along with Phase 1 which was completed in May 2009, the completion of Phase 2 will see a "state of the art" play park facility bought to fruition after two and a half years of hard work by the play park committee.

The committee has had tremendous support from the local community and would like to thank those individuals and groups for their generosity in particular Laurencekirk Primary School, Dizzy Rascals Play Centre and The Crown Inn for their support on many occasions.

This is a tremendous early Christmas present for the Laurencekirk Play Park Group. Thank you very much to LEADER.”


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Amy Stuart


01561 377712