Rothienorman Bowling and Community Facility

Managed by:

Rothienorman Community Bowling Club


Project Description

This project is to support the furnishing and finishing of the Rothienorman Bowling & Community Facility constructed during phase 1.  Equipment includes industrial kitchen equipment, audio/visual system, wireless computer network and tables, chairs and blinds.  The provision of these items will enable the facility to be used by a wide range of community groups and ensure its long term financial viability.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Ian Moir, President and Chairman of the Rothienorman Bowling & Community Facility Project Committee

“The Rothienorman Bowling Club and Community Facility Project Team are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded funding from the Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER Programme. In the current economic climate it is a challenge for all organisations to raise the necessary finance for their ongoing projects and it is with great pleasure and thanks that we acknowledge the support of Aberdeenshire LEADER in their investment and commitment to the development of our local community infrastructure.

The award of this funding will allow our new building project to be fitted out and equipped with catering, seating and audio visual equipment capable of providing a wide range of functionality and usage. It will further enhance our objective of making this building available and attractive to a wide range of local sports, social and community clubs and in addition allows us to accommodate private parties and commercial organisations. Ongoing viability is one of the major features of our project and we believe that this investment from Aberdeenshire LEADER will be a significant and contributory factor in ensuring its long term sustainability and success.”


Financial Breakdown


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Sam Adam


01464 871206