Proposed Extension of Keig Community Hall

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Keig Community Hall Users' Group (KCHUG)


Project Description

The project is for a series of improvements to Keig Community Hall including fitting a kitchen, constructing a store room and creating a new entrance to the existing Hall which is currently accessed through the Keig Primary School complex.  Refurbishments carried out will mean clear demarcation between the school and the Hall.  Improved facilities will lead to increased use of the Hall by the local community.  The project is an innovative, collaborative approach between the community and Aberdeenshire Council to ensure that community facilities are enhanced for the expanding rural community of Keig.  A 21 year lease has been approved in principle and will be formalised once all funding is identified.


Quote from Participating Organisation

Sandy Innes, Chairman, Keig Community Hall Users’ Group (KCHUG)

Keig is a small but vibrant community which has worked hard, and still is working hard, to raise funds for the proposed community hall extension. The award by Aberdeenshire LEADER Programme of £55,556  is a significant vote of confidence in the community and is a major step forward in our fund raising. It sends an unequivocal message that the proposed hall extension is a realistic project that merits consideration. By LEADER recognising KCHUG’s efforts in this way, it will hopefully act as a catalyst and encourage other funding agencies to support us.


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Ian Murray


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